Attention Real Estate Entrepreneurs!

Want Me Show You How
To Double (Or Even Triple)
Your Business In 90 Days Or Less?

Plus: Find out why I'm willing to personally pay you $300 out of my own pocket just for giving me a call.

Dear Friend,

When you made the smart choice to learn more about my free consultation, you did something that many others did not:

You took action!

You saw an opportunity and you took advantage of it. And while it may not seem like such a big deal to you, from my perspective, it's really all that matters.

It puts you in a very special group of people and - with what you're about to get your hands on today - a very lucky one, too!

Here's What This Is All About...

My name is Tim Taylor. Before I retired a multi-millionaire at 39, I built a 7-figure real estate investing businesses from the ground up and bought hundreds and hundreds of single family homes and several large apartment complexes. I know what works and what doesn't. Especially in this new economy.

But, recently, I've seen too many smart people fail in business. They make the same mistakes over and over. They don't know how to run their investing business the right way. Leaving millions on the table. Never reaching anything close to their FULL potential.

I've come out of early retirement to personally select a handful of hungry go-getter clients. I'm looking for extremely motivated individuals who either already own a real estate investing business or are looking to start a new one.

I'm Ready To Pay It Forward,

But Only If I Can Find Real Estate Investors Who:

  • Have ZERO interest in accepting the status quo… because you're ready to do what it takes to be a BIG success.
  • Want to AVOID the stupid mistakes that so many others make… because you know there must be a better way.
  • Will follow my instructions and won't CRY when I tell it like it is… because you know I can help double or triple your income in as little 90 days.

Look, if you qualify and I choose to work one-on-one with you, you'll experience unmatched benefits: More sales. More profits. Bigger growth.

Plus, you'll also discover an improved quality of life where you work less, earn more and feel better about yourself than ever before.

And, It All Starts With A Short FREE Call…

Here's how it'll work:

First, we'll jump on the phone. Just you and I. One on one. My goal for the call will be identifying immediate and sustainable opportunities in your business that will allow you to create fast, money-now results.

To start, you'll tell me more about your current real estate business.

Then, once I know what you've got going and what you hope to achieve, I'll help you develop a strategic plan of action; a way to instantly boost your bottom line and beef up your profits.

This can happen in a few different ways…

For new real estate investors, we will create a simple process for creating a clear vision of what your natural talents and passions are and begin structuring a real estate investing model around those talents and passions.

For existing real estate investors, I might show you how to restructure your marketing to quickly find motivated sellers and buyers, how to quickly back into an unlimited source of business right in your own backyard, how to pull in deals from untapped sources, or how to leverage some automation tools that will free you up to build a kick-ass business.

Plus, if you already have a list of leads, we can put together a quick campaign that you can run within days … and watch the profits roll in.

Best of all, this all happens during our very first call.

Just 45-60 minutes on the phone together.

Remember, there's no charge. No strings attached. And no small print. Our time together will give you a proven, customized strategy to double, or even triple your real estate business … starting immediately!

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"Okay, So Is That It? What Happens After Our Call?"

At the end of our time together, one of three things will take place:

  • 1

    You'll Love My Strategy And Want To Try It Out On Your Own.

    Right on! It'll make me happy to know I could be a part of your success. And I'll look forward to hearing how it's working out for you.

  • 2

    You'll Love My Strategy And You'll Want Me To Help You.

    When we team up, I can fast track your results, increase your profits, and give you the step-by-step help you need to guarantee your success from start to finish.

  • 3

    Or, You'll Feel The Opportunity Was Not Right For You.

    It's never happened, but there's always a chance that this opportunity is not right for you. If you feel our call wasted your time, simply let me know and I will send you a check for $300.00 as payment for your time immediately.

But, before we can even get started, you'll need to see if you qualify. Click the Do I Qualify? button at the bottom of the page to fill out the short application.

Mike Leeney

(With Tim’s help) I have made $108,500 net profit on 4 deals. Oh by the way, these profits were generated part time while I had a full time job in the service.

Mike Leeney Commander, U.S. Navy (Ret.)

Worst Case Scenario:

You Make $300/Hour Just By Talking To Me

Even if you decide my strategy is not right for you, with my out-of-my-own-pocket guarantee, you stand to make $300 in 45-60 minutes. That's free money, friend.

But, when you see exactly what my strategy can do for you, those 300 bucks will look like a tiny drop in the bucket compared to the profits you'll be pulling in … starting immediately.

Valerie Gilgore

I just wanted to let you know that last week was incredible. I bought 2 houses and made $40,000.  One of the sales was simply amazing. The goal setting skills you taught me and then changing my mentality to achieve them are priceless. You have had a huge impact on many, many aspects of my life. Thank You!

Valerie Gilgore St. Petersburg, Florida

Why Am I Doing This All For FREE?

I came out of early retirement and am offering this free call for THREE reasons…

  1. I was sick and tired of seeing hard working and passionate real estate investors fail. My colleagues had good ideas and solid work ethics that should be making them millions, but they couldn't get out of their own way. Mistakes were killing them. And, without my help, they weren't ever going to reach the kind of success they deserved.
  2. I LOVE helping others … and I'm really, really good at it. I'm humbled and proud to know that I've helped so many people make their dreams come true: financially, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Few things make me happier
  3. This is the way I am able to get my mentorship clients. Since I've come out of retirement, I've decided to make it my life's work to take a few, special individuals under my wing.

Here's what that looks like:

After our first call, you'll understand the value I offer your business. And I'll have the information I need to determine whether you're the type of client I want to work with.

Assuming we both agree and I have an opening in my mentorship roster, I could potentially offer you an invitation to work together. I only have a few spots a year, but I can spot real talent and - if you've got it - I'll make room for you.

My standard mentoring fee is very reasonable for the 1 year we work together. If we're a match, we can discuss the details at the end of our call. And, since you can expect to make many times the amount of my fees - even in the first month alone - there really is no cost to you. Especially since I have zero doubt I can give you a plan that will at least double your entire business in the next 90 days.

But, you won't even have to wait to start seeing benefits. That's because…

During Our Call,

I'll Give You A Plan To Make More Than $10,000!

Yes, you read that correctly: The strategy I share over our call will make you more than $10,000.

In other words, you benefit from:

  • A 45-60 minute consultation with a millionaire real estate investor/mentor
  • A review of your business
  • A $10,000 action plan you can use immediately
  • The potential to be asked to join my exclusive mentorship program

You get this ALL for FREE. You don't pay a single penny!

Plus, if you decide this isn't for you, you can simply say "No Thanks," and if you think I wasted your time, ask me for $300 for your wasting your time. No hard feelings. No high-pressure sales tactics.

You Will NOT Find This Kind Of Opportunity

Anywhere Else

As you can imagine, this type of opportunity is not common.

In fact, you'll probably never see it again.

But I'm more than happy to extend this opportunity to you because a) it's what I love to do, b) I believe in helping hardworking, motivated folks, and c) I get immense satisfaction being part of so many success stories.

What kind of success stories? Check this out…

  • What other world-class real estate investor/mentor is crazy enough to offer you a surefire $10K business strategy and the chance to work together long term for NOTHING?
  • Who else would back up these kinds of claims with a $300.00 payback offer just for spending 45-60 minutes on the phone?

You know the answer: NOBODY.

Too Many Success Stories To Share In One Place

One of my students went from making zero dollars to over 1 million. Another client built and sold a business in one year for a cool million PROFIT and another client followed my blueprint and makes $100K a month

…shall I go on? Okay…

Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad Poor Dad invited me to his hometown of Scottsdale, AZ, to personally do a television show with him.

High-powered accountants and attorneys frequently ask my opinion on business strategies.

I've personally built my own multimillion-dollar business. Retired at 39. And currently run another multimillion-dollar real estate investing business working less than 10 hours a week from my vacation home in the Riviera Maya on the Caribbean Sea.

…and the list goes on.

I don't say this to impress you, but to impress upon you this is why people from all over the country pay me handsomely to help them to mentor them on their own businesses. Will you be the next?

See If You Qualify, Click Here
Chris N

Tim, I can’t believe how I was able to put my yearly salary in my pocket in ONE DEAL!

I profited over $50,000. Two weeks later I made another profit of $12,000.

Chris N Quebec, Canada


This Opportunity Is For A Select Few ONLY


Here's Who I Want:

As I'm sure you can imagine, it was BIG NEWS when I came out of retirement.

It was even BIGGER NEWS when I announced that I would be offering this free consultation.

And my colleagues were ABSOLUTELY SHOCKED when they learned I would be mentoring a select few individuals a year. Of all people, they understand the incredible value I'm offering.

That said, I'm SUPER discerning about who I do and do NOT want to work with.

I've got THREE main rules.

If you don't fit ALL of these rules, please don't waste your time filling out the application. I won't even bother responding if you do.

Here they are:

  1. You have to be passionate about real estate.

    This offer is for people - who are already passionate about real estate investing - and are looking for help to grow faster, bigger and better. 

    If you're just starting out and your business is only now getting off the ground, but you're fired up and ready to rock-n-roll, then I want to talk with you. 

    I only work with individuals who are driven and have super high personal and professional standards.

  2. Your business must be solid and you need to have a good reputation.
    Don't come to me if you're in massive debt, dead-broke, are looking for the quick fix, or have burned every bridge in the industry. You need to have a good character and the highest integrity. We'll be a team, so I need to know I can trust you at your word. No ifs, ands, buts or excuses. I only work with people who have already proven themselves to be qualified and competent real estate investors but just need the help to go from doing well to ridiculously successful.
  3. You MUST be able to follow my directions.It's simple.
    If you can admit you don't know what you don't know and let me help you, you can make it bigger than you ever dreamed possible. These aren't just words. This is my promise to you!

And, one last rule…

I am a no BS, in-your-face, tell it like it is businessman. I don't mess around.

If you can't handle an honest critique or being held accountable for your actions, I wish you the best, but please click away from this page now.

If we end up working together, I will become your mentor, coach, guide, confidant, and friend. But, creating the kind of success I'm talking about here doesn't come with the wave of a magic want. There's no "magic bullet."

I can help you double or triple your business quickly, but you're going to have to work hard to make it happen.

Carrie Lucas

With Tim’s coaching, I successfully closed my first Short Sale… deals that most investors pass up because they don’t know how to do them… and netted a profit of $20,240 by taking over the deed “subject to” with nothing more than a $100.00 earnest money deposit!!

Carrie Lucas Real Estate Investor, Indianapolis, IN

Here's What You Will Do Next…

If you meet my "rules" above and are ready to learn how to take your real estate business to the next level, then you sound like the sort of person I want to talk with.

Here's how it works:

First, you'll need to fill out an application. Don't worry, it's simple and unobtrusive.

But, if I'm going to really help you in our call, I need to know what you're all about, what business looks like, and what your goals are.

Then, Once I Have Your Application…

Once you submit your application, my right-hand man will call you and set up a time for us to talk. He'll contact you within 24-48 business hours.

During our initial 45-60 minute call, we'll review your business goals and - based on the "homework" I've done about you prior to our call - I'll share my custom plan for how you can immediately begin bringing in more money.

Then, you'll have those three choices:

  1. Execute the custom strategy I've designed for you by yourself.
  2. Discuss what becoming one of my mentorship clients might look like.
  3. Or, if you think the call wasted your time, just tell me and I'll write you a $300 check on the spot.

Yes, you're right: It IS a win-win-win situation.

(For the record, nobody has ever taken me up on this $300 payback. That's why I'm confident to offer it to you and why I know - if you're serious - you'll get immense value from our call.)

Here's The Catch: Spots Are Limited…

To make sure that I maintain the highest degree of quality for my clients, I only take a limited number of free consultations and offer even fewer mentorship spots.

Since you will be talking and working directly with me, I want to guarantee I am offering you my very best. If I wasn't, then what's the point!

Spots Are Filling Up FAST!

Demand for this opportunity has even exceeded my expectation. In addition to you, there are more than 10,000 people on my email list and the response has been off the charts.

My colleagues told me I should've known that people would line up for the opportunity to get on a call with me or to have a chance at being invited into my mentorship program.

How many spots are left?

I don't have one of those fancy countdown registers on my site. But, if you're seeing this page, it means I still am accepting applications.

You should know that I'll be scheduling calls with qualified applicants until reach my cutoff for mentorship clients. Over the course of the next 12 months, I'll deliberately keep my client base under 50 people.

As much as I'd like to work with "everyone", I simply can't accept more than that and still maintain the same level of service you NEED in order to get the results you want.

So, if you fit the criteria and are ready to make a change, I encourage
you to make the smart choice to fill out the application now.

Do I Qualify?

Quick Recap:

As one of my potential clients, you might be curious what you "get" when you sign up to work with me … or even just make the decision to take advantage of this free consult.

The most important thing you get isn't a thing at all: It is me. A multimillionaire real estate investor who has come out of early retirement to mentor motivated, passionate investors so they can reach unlimited success.

Like I said earlier, our first conversation together is free and it will be around an hour. I'll make recommendations based on your goals and my experience.

And you'll benefit from a personalized profit plan that will be designed to net you no less than $10K. There are no strings attached. No hard sell.

Then, if it appears we're a good fit for each other AND I have space available in my mentorship roster, we can start right in with your training calls.

During our first training call, we're going to focus on two main goals:

  1. Generating a short-term cash flow goal.
  2. Creating a long-term income/lifestyle/business model goal.

On that call, I'll have already developed specific action steps to complete to hit both goals.

From that point forward, two things will happen:

1. You'll have 16 training calls every Monday and Thursday. In addition, we'll speak every Wednesday on the phone. We'll monitor your progress and tweak where needed. With one focus in mind….

Making You Money

2. Then, we’ll stay in CONSTANT COMMUNICATION every Wednesday for one full year from your start date.

This way, I can see exactly what you're doing and help you keep the momentum going at full blast between calls.

I'll also use this time as a way to review your business, your processes, your marketing, and your organization - constantly doing whatever it takes to optimize it for success.

Bottom Line: If we choose to work together, we'll make you unstoppable you're your real estate business and in life!

Listen To What Some Of My Students Are Saying

Dave Lembo

I hired Tim Taylor to personally coach me as I entered the real estate investing business. I was a little nervous walking away from a secure job with a salary that paid me slightly more than $100,000/year, but after following Tim’s advice, I profited more than 3 times that number my first year of investing!

Dave Lembo Real Estate Investor and Self-made Millionaire

Are you ready to experience that degree of success?

Click the Do I Qualify button below to fill out your application and see if you qualify, then let's talk.

Do I Qualify?

I look forward to reviewing your application and - hopefully - speaking with you soon.

To your success,

Tim Taylor Success Coach

Tim Taylor - Multi-Millionaire Investor/Mentor