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  • Tim will give you the EXACT radio station to advertise on in local area to attract your IDEAL MOTIVATED SELLER.
  • Tim will show you how to negotiate with your local station to run 60 second radio spots that normally cost $80 per spot for only $8 per spot. (90% savings)
  • You’ll learn exactly how many radio spots you must run per day to “hypnotize” your local market with your message that you buy houses
  • You’ll receive Tim’s “Bullet Proof” 60 second Radio Script that is guaranteed to make your phone ring with leads from Homeowners who want to sell their houses
  • In addition, Tim will assist you in setting up 5 other marketing strategies to use in your local market to create your BRAND that you are the PREMIERE HOMEBUYER in your area.

With this Radio Marketing Program you’ll be privy to the premiere marketing strategy that NO OTHER INVESTOR is using in your local market and all of the additional private benefits and insightful and money-making private coaching that only Tim Taylor can offer. This exclusive Radio Marketing Program opportunity will give both your business and your lifestyle a serious advantage in a time when most entrepreneurs don’t know where to turn and who to believe.

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Memberships in the Tim Taylor Radio Marketing Program are strictly limited to 20 members a year and applications are considered on a first-come, first-served basis. Once your application is submitted we will contact you by phone for a consultation…. We look forward to considering you for membership in the Tim Taylor Radio Marketing Program!